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The Gifts of the WoodOasisWaiting for the last lightsStargateSandy ParadiseGrateful HeartFull MoonCrawling AnimalTake me to heavenPescando con ColónChildren of the SunThe Final MeetingForever, ForeverThe sea brings me...Chain RiverAcross The SunTorches on the EarthReaching the TowerFeliz Navidad, Merry ChristmasWaiting for Wind

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Jacob(no registrado)
Wow… These are truly incredible works. I do doubt that you have used Lightroom for editing purposes. But still, you have kept the frames as natural as possible, which make it wonderful to see. I loved these works.

-- --
Antonio Arcos(no registrado)
Sorprendente, un trabajo de una calidad excepcional, Francisco, me ha sorprendido gratamente, sin duda, estamos en contacto...

un saludo

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